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We have extensive experience within the motor vehicle industry and provide an independent assessment so you can be sure that you are getting a fair assessment that reflects the true cost of the repair.

We are also proud to be partnered with the following industry professionals:

1. Experts Direct

2. IQ Controls

3. East 2 West Assessing & Claims Management

4. Proud Member of AICLA (Australian Institute of Chartered Loss Adjusters)

5. RS Chase Lawyers

All Vehicle Assessments
Independent Assessments
Accident Repair Investigation

We use the latest technology guaranteeing you will receive quality & timely efficient service. 

Whether as a physical inspection required or done remotely via digital means, we are able to assess any vehicle type, thus providing an efficient assessment report that will be valid for any court or insurance matter.

Experienced Staff

We have extensive experience within the motor vehicle industry and its guide lines “Code of Practice” 

We provide an Independent Assessment so you can be assured you are being treated fairly for your loss, whilst at the same time for total loss vehicles reflecting on the true live market values and repair costs

Vehicle Repair Cost Assessing

We can assist you to know your rights and obligations as a result of being in an accident. Our goal with every assessment is to ensure a fair outcome for both sides, no matter whether you are the at-fault driver or the not-at-fault driver.

Independent Car Valuations

With over 42-years Industry experience our staff are fully qualified in the Smash Repair Industry. We provide onsite inspections, Desk Top assessments and specialised reports. 

We specialise in accident claims throughout every range of vehicle. We also have the ability to estimate any vehicle in any state, so if you are a repair facility, we are able to assist you from main stream vehicles to your high-end exotics. 


Have you been in an accident and have been issued with demands or an invoice for the other vehicle? Don’t just take their word that’s the price to repair or replace that vehicle is fair, we at MaLu Assessing will assess the cost you have been deemed liable for and determine whether or not the costs are fair & reasonable. 

Getting the Estimate/Invoice checked over by MaLu Assessing could potentially save you thousands of dollars. 

Our work is generated via law firms and solicitors, where automotive industry professionals and general public have a large input and contribute in the assessment of their clients claims. 

So, weather you are a solicitor handling a client's case, or a member of the public who has been issued with a large repair invoice, we are able to assist you to minimise your loss. 

Our assessment is done by certified industry professional assessors to accurately determine the true cost of your loss and quantify if it is a fair and reasonable amount. 

If you are looking at purchasing a vehicle new or used let us calculate the worth of your new investment to submit to your insurer. 

A car valuation will look at the particular car/vehicle in question and establish a true live market appraisal based on the associated factors on your current vehicle. Many hours of research go into making sure your investment is carefully priced should a loss occur you are reimbursed the correct amount. 

The valuation can then be used to ensure that the vehicle you are purchasing and or selling are in keeping with current live market values, whilst obtaining the correct insurance value when taking out a new policy. 

We offer vehicle valuation services for any type of vehicle across Australia. We specialise in Classic, Exotic and modified vehicles, we are also are expert in main stream vehicles and motor bikes. 

Let MaLu get your vehicle appraised to the value it should reflect, as this in some cases is your most valued investment. 

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